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Raw Material

Sustainability and resource conservation begins with our raw material feedstock – typically recycled metal reclaimed from stamping and other metal-working technologies.

These materials are melted and powder is produced through a process known as “water atomization”. The resultant powdered material is extensively processed and blended to produce materials that are made ready to be pressed.

Generally, powder mixes for compacting are prepared from three powder types. The first type is Admixed powder, in which elemental alloying powders (such as copper, nickel, graphite, and tin) are added to base element powders (such as iron or copper). The second type is partially alloyed powder, composed of two or more elements with alloying additives that are diffusion-bonded to the base powder during the powder manufacturing process. These powders produce a heterogeneous microstructure with good dimensional control and excellent as-sintered mechanical properties. The third type is prealloyed powders, which are atomized from alloyed furnace melts such that each powder particle has the same nominal composition throughout. Prealloyed powders yield homogeneous phase constituents in the microstructure. (Source: www.mpif.org)

Hybrid powders are produced via admixed blending of either pre-alloyed or partially alloyed powders with a ferroalloy addition and the required lubricants.

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